Nirvana is often called the “other side” ; the beyond. Happiness, freedom, unity, transcendence, a state of celebration.

Here at Nirvana, we have aspired to bring you this blissful state called Nirvana through food, music & ambiance, which is enhanced by your presence.

Nirvana is a place of happiness & love where people, who share the same spirit, energy, thoughts & desires, gather in a communal atmosphere where only positive energy exists.

Discreetly tucked behind ornately carved wooden doors on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, lies Nirvana, an Indian oasis featuring masterful renditions of traditional cuisine. Since 2004, Nirvana has lured loyal guests who indulge in both the sexy vibe of Nirvana’s lounge with round, canopied beds, deep sofas and under-foot koi ponds, as well as its sophisticated approach to an exotic culinary journey.

Owner Deep Sethi, who also presides over Beverly Hills’ Bombay Palace, a 25-year institution, stands at the helm of Nirvana. A self-styled “Indian grill,” Nirvana’s menu focuses on sophisticated takes on time-honored recipes and grilling methods for poultry, lamb, seafood, game and vegetables. The diverse menu also features a selection of unusual curries, Hyderabadi biryanis, vegetarian choices and a broad range of tandoori breads.

Nirvana’s menu is both traditional and forward thinking. Without a shortcut in sight, nearly every dish on the menu is made 100% from scratch. Even the filo pastry for the Mango Napoleon desert is made by hand. The Dal Nirvana, a delicacy by any standards, is cooked in a tandoor oven, slowly stirred for nearly twenty hours until rich, creamy, scented of spice and nearly sweet. The Sikandri Raan (Roast Lamb Leg), marinated in Old Monk Rum and exotic spices for at least 24 hours and cooked until the meat falls off the bone.